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General Practitioner

General Practitioner

General Practitioner Care at Abu Dhabi's Star Medical Center

Welcome to the Department of General Practitioner at the Star Medical Centre, where we provide comprehensive care for a variety of diseases and conditions. Our team of expert general practitioners is committed to providing individualized care and assisting you in achieving optimal health.

Chronic Conditions Management

Our experienced physicians are experts in the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. We provide comprehensive care, including regular monitoring of blood sugar and blood pressure, medication management, lifestyle counseling, and patient education, to assist you in effectively managing your condition and enhancing your quality of life.

Hyperlipidemia & Obesity Management

If you're dealing with high cholesterol levels or obesity, our Department of General Practitioner is here to assist. To help you achieve your health objectives, our physicians will devise

individualized treatment plans that may include lifestyle modifications, dietary counseling, exercise recommendations, and, if necessary, medications.

ECG Monitoring

Our department of General Practitioner offers ECG monitoring services to evaluate and track the electrical activity of your heart. This diagnostic tool identifies any irregularities or abnormalities in your cardiac rhythm, allowing us to administer the necessary treatment or evaluation.

Upper Respiratory Infections

If you have symptoms of upper respiratory infections such as the common cold, sinusitis, or allergies, our physicians can provide accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. We provide all-inclusive care to alleviate your symptoms and aid in your recovery. Lower Respiratory Infections & Asthma: Our department of General Practitioner is equipped to diagnose and treat lower respiratory infections including bronchitis and pneumonia. We also provide specialized care for patients with asthma, including evaluation, treatment, and long-term management plans to prevent asthma attacks and control asthma symptoms.

Fitness Certification

f you need a fitness certification for personal or professional reasons, our General Practitioner physicians can evaluate your overall health and fitness levels in detail. We will provide the required certifications based on your particular specifications

Minor Surgical Procedures

We offer minor surgical procedures, such as ear piercing, performed in a safe and sterile environment by experienced General Practitioner physicians. Our team provides the uttermost care and attention to alleviate pain and promote optimal healing. Suturing and Dressing of Wounds: Our Department of General Practitioner offers suturing and dressing services for wounds and lacerations. Our doctors have extensive expertise in wound care techniques that promote proper healing and reduce the risk of infection.

General Physical Exam

Whether you require an annual health check-up or a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health, our physicians can perform comprehensive physical examinations, order the necessary laboratory tests, and provide individualized

Hygiene, Diet, and Lifestyle Modification

Our General Practitioner emphasizes the value of preventive care and education. Our physicians offer advice on maintaining good hygiene, adopting a healthy diet, and implementing positive lifestyle changes to promote overall health and prevent the onset of various diseases.

Abscess Incision & Drainage

Our General Practitioner team is adept at conducting abscess incision and drainage procedures. We administer prompt and efficient treatment to alleviate pain, prevent further complications, and promote recovery.

Health Education and Counseling

We believe in empowering our patients with the knowledge to make educated health decisions. Our physicians provide health education and counseling on a variety of topics, such as disease prevention, healthy lifestyle practices, stress management, and mental health.